Words give us power, let's keep them all
January 18, 2020

How post-punk Christian band mewithoutYou used the F-bomb to say more than the F-word

PopMatters has an interesting article about a lyric by mewithoutYou, a post-punk Christian band, whose singer Aaron Weiss, writing about his wedding day, has said - "Pale horse vows in a grave I-do-yes-definitely reply/ Smile for the camera at a 'church' nearby/ Threw a mute curse at the Boise sky/ For my fucked up Napoleon-of-St.-Helena-hairline". The lyric got them banned from radio and the album got pulled from record stores, and meanwhile, his fans ponder band's parodying of cultural mores. PM, inspired probably by mewithouYou's disbanding announced for this year, argues that the words "have no real power at all, except when the reader or listener ascribes power to them".